Doc Diagnostics

Doc Diagnostics

Cost effective, flexible, online driver assessment and education tool. Designed specifically to help companies comply with health and safety legislation.

Doc Diagnostics


This is a cost effective way to assess your driving skills without the need to use a driving assessor, which can be time consuming.

After taking the assessment and education you may wish to reinforce your newfound knowledge by taking a one to one driving session with one of our qualified instructors.

Companies; Organisations

The cost and disruption associated with traditional methods of driver assessment and training makes it near impossible for all members of staff who drive in the course of their work to receive a standardised assessment, followed-up with targeted remediation.

HSE legislation requires all employees who drive in the course of their work to be assessed regardless of how many miles or the type of vehicle they drive.

Doc Diagnostics has been designed as a blanket risk assessment for all employees who either drive a fleet vehicle or private vehicle. The data from the assessment provides a robust audit trail and comprehensive risk profile, which helps the employer to decide which type of corrective education and training to utilise; e.g. workshop sessions and/or on-road training for those deemed particularly at risk.

All training can be directed toward those who need it the most, thus minimising disruption and unnecessary cost.

We recommend that all current staff who drive for work be required to complete doc diagnostics at 12 or 18-month intervals. Regular assessment helps to identify trends and keeps employees mindful of the need to take road safety seriously.

We believe that when set within a suitable framework, employers will see a significant reduction in damage claims, fuel consumption and driving related down-time.

The Assessment (Click Here for Demo)

In order to produce a risk profile, which is both accurate and thorough, each candidate is assessed from four distinct angles.

  1. Driver history – 8 basic questions taking approximate 5 minutes to complete. (it can be customise by adding additional questions because these do not affect the risk profile.)
  2. Knowledge – 20 random questions from the Highway Code taking approximate 10 minutes to complete. With the candidates getting feedback after each question.
  3. Attitude - asked to think about their driving over the last 12 months. 22 statements are then shown and the candidates must answer how much they agree or disagree on a 1-7 scale. Taking approximate 10 minutes to complete.
  4. Skill - using the latest 3D graphics and HD video, candidates are shown nine clips on a variety of roads and are asked to complete tasks after each clip, taking approximately 15 minutes to complete.


Whatever their risk profile looks like, all 19 remedial education modules listed below are made available to candidates upon completion of the assessment - the only difference will be which modules are marked for compulsory completion. This allows you to encourage candidates to complete non-compulsory modules as part of their CPD. There is a short test at the end of each module to ensure they have been worked through thoroughly and each module will take between 10 and 20 minutes to complete.

  1. Safety margins
  2. Motorways
  3. Conditions
  4. Environments
  5. Road signs
  6. Vulnerable road users
  7. Eye Scanning
  8. Journey planning
  9. Anxiety
  10. Thrill seeking
  11. Frustrations
  12. Fatigue
  13. Attitudes and alertness
  14. Anticipation
  15. Overtaking
  16. Collisions and breakdowns
  17. Hazard detection
  18. Risk management
  19. Distractions


Very relaxed, yet informative course. I feel I have learned some new skills today. Good mix of theory and practical.

Ronan (Driving for Work), Limavady

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